Zingg Finance SA is specialised in Asset Management, specially in Portfolio Management for private and institutional clients. We handle law, tax and inheritance matters as well.

Our guidelines

Being able to adapt to specific client requirements, our investment policy is based on two essential principles:

  • A sound diversification of risks in currencies, markets and economical sectors.
  • Quality investments exclusively.

By strictly observing this philosophy and inform our clients about it, we may miss exceptional profits but shall also avoid irreversible losses. We want our clients to find us trustworthy in the long run.

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The holdings or Assets of each client are put in their name in a well-known and first-class Swiss bank. Management is entrusted on the basis of a mandate established according to the rules of the Swiss Association of Bankers.

Our computer software is of high standard and in permanent contact with money markets worldwide that gives us scope to react rapidly in face of changing markets.

Our professionalism is also an essential guarantee of security for our clients.

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